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Welcome to Om Yoga Naples

About Us

At The OM Yoga Naples, we believe that yoga is more than just an exercise; it’s a way of life. The core connection between the physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds. Our enthusiastic team of experienced teachers is dedicated to assisting you in pursuing this transforming journey.

Step into our inviting studio, and you will forget everything about the world. Our serene setting acts as a refuge, inviting you to rediscover your true self and find comfort amid the daily stress.

Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a curious beginner willing to start yoga in Naples, Florida, our diverse classes suit people of all skill levels and tastes. Our thoughtfully crafted schedule offers a variety of practices to meet the needs of each individual, from invigorating Vinyasa flows that energize the body to calming Yin sessions that calms the soul.

About Om Yoga

Holistic Wellness

At The OM Yoga Naples, we prioritise holistic wellness, nurturing your mind, body, and soul.

Knowledgeable Teachers

Our teachers are experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about guiding your yoga journey.

Custom Approach

We offer personalized attention and guidance, ensuring your yoga practice is tailored to your needs and goals.

Like-Minded Individuals

Join our welcoming community of like-minded individuals who support and uplift each other on their path to self-discovery.

Sacred space

Experience a tranquil, energetic and healing environment where you can escape the stresses of everyday life, find inner peace and serenity.

Embark on a transformative journey at The OM Yoga Naples
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There is no end to questions but there is an end to questioning.

Each Moment Is An Opportunity To Be Kind To Yourself And Your Body

Yoga nurtures a positive approach and turns your mind function to celebrate each moment as an invitation to honor and care for yourself.

At The OM Yoga in Naples, Florida, cherish every second as a chance to cultivate self-love and appreciation for your body, allowing yourself to thrive through gentle and mindful practices.

Our Services

Discover yourself, discover yoga

Begin your self-discovery with the ancient wisdom of yoga at The OM Yoga in Naples, Florida.


Daily In-studio group classes

We offer daily group classes on traditional styles of yoga. Our classes are suitable for any level. In studio group classes are a great way to connect with teachers and community.

Private Yoga

Private Yoga

We have personalised one to one private yoga by our expert teachers both onsite and offsite. Private sessions helps one achieve their individuals goals with personal attention.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

We love teaching kids the art of yoga. Our studio offer several kids classes throughout the week. Classes are created with playfullness, challenges and lots of learning.

Meet The Team

Our Teachers

Meet our team of professional yoga teachers at The OM Yoga in Naples, Florida, committed to guiding you on your journey towards physical and spiritual well-being.

Hemant Singh

Hemant Adhikari

A dedicated yoga teacher ready to guide you on a transformative journey.


Almudena Laborda

A compassionate yoga trainer, illuminates your path to self-discovery.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

We love teaching kids the art of yoga. Our studio offer several kids classes throughout the week. Classes are created with playfullness, challenges and lots of learning.

Kids Yoga

Om Gentle Flow

The Om Gentle Flow class is a serene and accessible yoga experience designed to promote relaxation, flexibility, and mindfulness.


Yin yoga

Class focuses on deep relaxation, opening energy channels, and restoring the body through various yoga postures.

See The Classes


Book a class and begin your self-discovery with the ancient wisdom of yoga at The OM Yoga in Naples, Florida.

Add Yoga To Retain The Beauty Of Body And Mind

Join us at The OM Yoga in Naples, Florida, where the doors are open wide, and the yoga mats are eagerly waiting to welcome you into a space of serenity, growth, and connection.



What Our Clients Are Saying

Richard Bravo:
Richard Bravo:
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"The OM Yoga has been a sanctuary for me, a place where I can find solace from the chaos of everyday life. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate, guiding me through yoga practices that have transformed both my body and mind. I feel rejuvenated and centered after each class, and I'm grateful for the positive impact it has had on my overall well-being."
Nathan Coleman:
Nathan Coleman:
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"Joining The OM Yoga was the best decision I made for my health and happiness. The yoga classes have not only improved my flexibility and strength but have also helped me manage stress and find a sense of inner peace. The instructors create a welcoming and supportive environment that encourages personal growth and self-discovery. I highly recommend The OM Yoga to anyone looking to enhance their physical and mental well-being."
Kelly Beavers:
Kelly Beavers:
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"As a beginner to yoga, I was initially apprehensive, but The OM Yoga quickly became my second home. The instructors are patient and understanding and provide modifications for different skill levels. The studio's serene atmosphere and sense of community have made my yoga journey enjoyable and fulfilling. I've witnessed significant improvements in my flexibility and overall mindfulness, and I'm grateful for The OM Yoga for introducing me to this life-changing practice."
Jason Wood:
Jason Wood:
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"I've been practicing yoga at The OM Yoga for several years, and it has become an integral part of my life. The variety of classes offered, from Vinyasa flow to restorative yoga, cater to different needs and preferences. The skilled teachers create a nurturing environment that fosters growth and exploration. The positive energy and camaraderie within the community are truly uplifting. The OM Yoga is a place where I can challenge myself, find serenity, and continue to evolve both physically and mentally."
Lisa Kirby:
Lisa Kirby:
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"The OM Yoga has been a sanctuary for me during a challenging period in my life. The compassionate instructors and the peaceful ambiance of the studio have provided me with a much-needed refuge. The yoga classes have helped me reconnect with my body, release tension, and cultivate mindfulness. The practice has not only improved my physical strength but has also given me the tools to navigate stress and find balance in my daily life. I am forever grateful to The OM Yoga for the positive impact it has had on my well-being."
Johnny Sanchez:
Johnny Sanchez:
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"Attending classes at The OM Yoga has been a transformative experience for me. The instructors' expertise and personalized guidance have enabled me to deepen my practice and explore new aspects of yoga. The studio's commitment to holistic well-being is evident in their emphasis on mindfulness and self-care. I've noticed a significant improvement in my mental clarity, flexibility, and overall happiness. The OM Yoga is a true gem that I would recommend to anyone seeking a profound and enriching yoga journey."