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Ashtanga Yoga

Radiate Strength and Find Harmony: Ashtanga Yoga In Naples Florida

At The OM Yoga Center, we are firm believers in the power of Ashtanga Yoga to fundamentally alter your life. You will get more physical vigor, mental clarity, and a greater sense of inner serenity through regular practice.

Build Strength, Improve Flexibility, And Enhance Body Awareness

Ashtanga is derived from a Sanskrit word. Ashta means eight, and anga means limbs. It is one of the four main aspects of yoga that is taught in India, which are:

1-Karma yoga (Yoga Of Action)

2-Nyana yoga ( Yoga Of Knowledge)

3-Bhakti yoga ( Yoga Of Devotion)

4-Raja yoga ( Yoga Of Mind)

Ashtanga yoga, a vigorous and disciplined practice, takes the spotlight at The OM Yoga Center in Naples. This potent technique, which derives from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’s classical teachings, synchronizes breath with a precise order of postures to produce a meditative flow that both tones the body and clears the mind.

Our Ashtanga yoga sessions, led by our qualified and committed instructors, are intended to lead practitioners of all skill levels, from novices to advanced practitioners, on a journey to self-realization. You will delve into the Ashtanga practice’s depths while paying close attention to alignment and breathing, developing strength, flexibility, and inner awareness.

Why Do You Need Ashtanga Yoga in Naples, Florida?

Physical Strength:

Ashtanga yoga in Naples fosters physical strength and flexibility through its energizing and demanding sequences, assisting you in building a lean and flexible physique.

Reducing anxiety:

Ashtanga Yoga's fluid practice induces a meditative state of mind, lowering tension and anxiety while fostering serenity and inner peace.

Concentration and Mental Clarity:

Ashtanga yoga's coordinated movement and breathing exercises build mental clarity while honing your attention and boosting your concentration both on and off the mat.

Holistic Well-being:

Ashtanga yoga promotes holistic well-being by fusing breath, movement, and meditation. This harmonious balance of body, mind, and spirit leaves you feeling reenergized and connected.

Hemant, our founder, describes how the method works on a practitioner:

“When we practice yoga postures as per the Ashtanga yoga method, we use with breath, movement, gaze and a specific sound produced by our throat that give us a total check on our breathing pattern.

When all 4 tools are combined comprehensively by a practitioner, our body’s blood gets heated, and it moves faster. As it moves faster, sweat is produced, and sweat removes any impurity that our body contains. Once the body is pure, then only we are able to sit without any effort in a meditative state for an adequate period of time in order to uncover and realize our true self.

This practice eliminates the 6 worldly poisons or enemies of the mind.

Those poisons are kama, krodha lobha, moha, mada and matsarya, i.e, lust, anger, greed, desire, jealousy and sloth. 

The practice goes on for many years in a gentle way to understand its mechanism and reap the ultimate benefits. We Serve multiple yoga like Yin Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Restorative Yoga and more.


It demands a greater level of self-discipline, belief and guidance of a teacher.”

 Step onto your mat and start practicing Ashtanga yoga in Naples, Florida, immersing yourself in this ancient discipline’s timeless teachings and stress-relieving benefits.

Come practice Ashtanga Yoga with us at The OM Yoga Center in Naples, and let it lead you on a revolutionary journey of self-awareness, empowerment, and complete well-being. Learn the tremendous advantages of this age-old technique as you develop inner calm, strength, and focus while realizing your full potential one breath at a time.