OM Meaning

Are you Wondering what OM literally means?

OM is an expression of the universal energy that flows through all living beings.

It is often referred to as primordial sound of the universe experienced by sages and yogis.

OM pronounced as AUM is a syllable that encompasses the essence of existence.

In hinduism, OM is considered the most sacred mantra, representing the three fundamental aspects of the creation, preservation and destruction. It is said to be the sound that connects us to the divine and help us unlock our trie nature.

The Significance of OM can be understood by breaking it down into its three constituent’s sounds.

A, U and M.

The sound A represents the waling state of consciousness symbolizing creation and the beginning.

U represents the dreaming state signifying preservation and continuity.

M represents the deep sleep state symbolizing destruction and the end.

When chanted together, these three sounds create the powerful vibration of OM, encompassing the entire cycle of existence.

The OM chanting has many benefits for the mind, body and calms the mind, reduces anxiety and stress, uplifts the mood, elevate pranic energy, brings immense peace in oneself.

The rhythmic repetition of the sound creates a meditative state, allowing one to go beyond the level of consciousness and delve into the depth of their being.

It is said to awaken the dormant spiritual energy within, leading to a heightened sense of self awareness and inner peace.

Om is not limited to any particular religion or culture. It transcends boundaries and is practiced by people from various buddhism, OM is considered as a sacred syllable that represents the enlightened mind. In Jainism, it is believed to be the essence of the universe and a symbol of spiritual awakening. Even in modern day practices like YOGA and MEDITATION, OM is often chanted at the beginning and end of the sessions to create a sacred space and connect with the divine.

To experience the power of OM, one can start by finding a quiet and peaceful space and sit comfortably with spine erect in Sukhasana (comfortable cross leg position), close your eyes and take few deep breaths to center yourself. Begin with chanting Om, allowing the sound to synchronize with you. Feel the vibration in your body and mind and let it permeate every cell. As chanting continues, try to let of go of thoughts that arose or pay less attention, you will simply be able to transcend the mind in the present moment which is the conscious state.

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